Monday, 28 May 2012

Chromasphere 3D

Chromasphere is a full 3D action/arcade game with a hint of puzzle for Android 2.1+ devices. Using the accelerometer/gyro of your phone or tablet, steer the Chromasphere to the end of the level within the bronze, silver and gold times to win medals.
Can you beat the challenge and get gold medals on every level?
NOTE: If you want to try before you buy, please take a look at Chromasphere Lite and enjoy some free sphere-rolling fun!
******** This is a Beta Version and incomplete at this time. Some features are still being implemented and current levels will be subject to change. Be sure to check for updates regularly, new levels and features will be added all the time. *********
"Every year, the Ancient Laputians picked a small selection of their most gifted to undertake a series of complex tests. These tests were called the "Laputian Trials" in which those who entered got the chance to prove their superior skill and cunning."
"The first of these tests was a demonstration of their mind control over the magical lodestones. These lodestones were encased in ball of stone called a 'Chromasphere'."
"Inside each Chromasphere was a tiny piece of Lodestone taken from the largest lodestone in existence and one that holds aloft the greatest sky city of them all: Laputa."
This is your chance to enter the first Laputian Trial yourself and prove your superior lodestone mind control:-
* Roll a Chromasphere using tilt controls and full 3d physics engine!
* Get to the end of each 3d level within the bronze, silver and gold times to win medals!
* Pit yourself against your last best time with the "ghost" replay mode: an easy way to improve your skills!
* Complete 19 3d Levels with many more to come! Keep an eye out for regular updates.
* Collect 4 colored shards to activate the Chromasphere colors and open colored doors, activate colored switches and cross colored bridges!
* Moving and rotating platforms! Plus more obstacles to come!
* Touch-based Camera Controls: Swipe the screen left and right to move the camera. Pinch the screen in and out to zoom in and out.
* Adjust the viewing and tilt angle in the options screen
If you love games like Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball you'll love this!
Keep this game updated - New features and levels will be appearing regularly!
Graphics improvements, more music and sound effects are planned soon!

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